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Dr Peter Haarer
BA, DPhil


Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History, Corpus Christi College
Member, Faculty of Classics
Lecturer in Ancient History and Director of Studies for Classics, Regent's Park College
Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History, Lincoln College


Regent's Park College


Dr Peter Haarer


Currently I am Lecturer in Ancient History at Corpus Christi College and at Christ Church. I joined Regent's Park College in September 2008 having previously held lectureships in several other colleges, including Corpus Christi, Christ Church, Magdalen, St. John's, and Worcester. I teach a wide variety of papers in ancient Greek history ranging in time from Homer to Alexander, and using archaeological as well as written evidence. I lecture regularly for the Classics Faculty, and often take classes for the Greek core options in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History.

Research Keywords:

Archaic Greek history and archaeology; Epigraphy; The emergence of alphabetic Greek writing; The development of iron during the Archaic and Classical periods

Research Interests:

At present, my research interests lie in the emergence of alphabetic Greek writing and in the development of iron technology during the period ca. 1100-500 B.C. I am preparing for publication my thesis, "Obeloi and Iron in Archaic Greece", and the proceedings of a conference on "Alphabetising the Mediterranean".

Selected Publications:

Entries for the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History on: Alkmaionidai, Bacchiadai, Basileus, Demos, Dorieus, Hesiod, Iron, Kypselus, Symposium, (2013).

Theōi dōron. Essays by Past Pupils in Honour of Theo Zinn for his 84th Birthday, Leominster: Gracewing, (2010), 625.

'Epigraphic Sources for Early Greek Writing', 689-694 in Mayer, M., Baratta, G., Almagro A.G., XII Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae, Monografies de la Secci' Hist'rico-Arqueol'gica, (Barcelona 2007). (the web-based publication of the Anne Jeffery Archive on which I was the principal researcher, 2001-4), (2004).

'Problematising the Transition from Bronze to Iron' in Shortland, A., ed. The Social Context of Technological Change, (Oxbow Books 2001).