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Past Events

29-06-2013 (Saturday)

Greek Music and Texts

29-06-2013 - 30-06-2013

A Colloquium entitled 'Greek Music and Texts' to be held at the Ioannou Centre on Sat 29th June.

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22-06-2013 (Saturday)

Disbelief in Antiquity: an interdisciplinary conference

22-06-2013 - 25-06-2013

Were there ancient versions of atheism? Who were the religious disbelievers in antiquity? What did they question? When and why did ancient religions allow dissent?

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18-06-2013 (Tuesday)

13th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on Ancient Drama: Pastness/Belatedness in the Theory and Practice of Greek and Roman Drama

18-06-2013 - 19-06-2013

This annual Symposium focuses on the reception of Greek and Roman tragedy and comedy, exploring the afterlife of these ancient dramatic texts through re-workings by both writers and practitioners across all genres and periods.

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03-06-2013 (Monday)
31-05-2013 (Friday)

New Discoveries at Herculaneum


The Friends of Herculaneum Society is sponsoring a talk at the British Museum to be given by Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (University of Cambridge and author of Herculaneum: Past and Future).

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30-05-2013 (Thursday)

David Raeburn's production of Euripides' BACCHAE

30-05-2013 - 02-06-2013

An important event in this term’s Classics diary is David Raeburn’s production of Euripides’ BACCHAE

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