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Culture and Religions of the Eastern Mediterranean Oxford-Princeton research partnership

The broad sweep of the culture and religions in the Eastern Mediterranean world is an extraordinarily verdant area of research. It involves the formation of Greek identity, the confidence and self-reflexivity of the Classical period, the expansion of the area of Greek culture in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and the transmission and transformation of Greek culture through the Byzantine period up to the present day. Within the general sphere of culture, the religious histories of this region are currently of major interest: archaic and classical Greek religion; civic religions in the Greek East; interactions with Judaism; the development of eastern Christianity; the rise of Islam. Some of the most exciting work in the humanities is currently taking place in this field.

The disciplines involved are very varied: classical literature; Greek history, with its supporting disciplines of epigraphy and papyrology; archaeology, involving both field archaeology and art history; Byzantine studies; Syriac studies; Jewish studies; religious studies; medieval and modern Greek; Islamic studies. The disciplines, though diverse, centre on a coherent subject area, and their interrelationships and interactions are enormously fruitful.

There are three central elements for this cooperation between the two universities: graduate scholarships and exchanges; faculty exchanges; and special projects.