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05-09-2013 14:08

Oxford Classics Documentary Shorts

Exciting film-making opportunities for Year 12s at the Faculty of Classics!

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13-08-2013 15:34

Imperialism: ancient and modern

Imperialism balloon debate with our Regius Professor!

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09-08-2013 15:51

Otium et Negotium in Vesuvius’ Shadow: a one-day colloquium

Purposefully coinciding with the British Museum’s current exhibition Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum, this one-day colloquium will offer a series of lectures, updates on hows and whys pertaining to the study of life in classical Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other sites in the bay of Naples.

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24-07-2013 18:44

Raging about Achilles

'Raging about Achilles' With Paul O’Mahony, the artistic director of Temple Theatre - August 20th

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17-07-2013 17:15

East Oxford Community Classics Centre

Classics in Oxford - a brand new initiative!

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