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Sixth Form Classics Day

14-10-2013 14:27

Upcoming 6th Form Classics Day arranged by EMACT (East Midlands Association of Classical Teachers) at the University of Leicester. The event has been taking place for many years now and this year it will take place on Thursday 14th November. It is designed to support and extend 6th formers’ AS and A2 level studies through a combination of seminars and lectures convened and delivered by university lecturers and research fellows.

Guest speakers this year include Professor Gregory Hutchinson from Exeter College, Oxford, Professor Stephen Oakley from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and Celia Campbell from St Anne’s College, Oxford.

We are keeping the price at a very competitive £5 per pupil (and free for staff) including drinks and biscuits so we do hope that you might be able to join us!

We appreciate that some schools are finding it harder year on year to convince SMTs to release pupils for trips so we have done our best to keep the programme as relevant as possible to currently examined materials. 

To apply for the event please contact Nick Pollock:

Deadline for applications: Monday 14th October

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