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Learning to read Latin

11-06-2013 16:34


Vos salutamus !

Learning to read Latin ... Four courses to come in 2013 [including a day for complete beginners]

Thursday 8th August - Tacitus on Britain - read his account of politics and war in Britain under the Romans, where Boudicca, Calgacus and others try to resist the power of Rome.

Friday 9th August - How gloomy was Dis
Selections from Virgil's Aeneid, his Georgics, and Ovid's Metamorphoses illuminate the imagined underworld of the ancient world.

For both courses above you need 'some' Latin. If you're not sure, check with the Course Presenter - see below.

Mon-Fri 19th - 23rd August - Latin for post-beginners

The course sketches the history of early Rome and tells the story of the end of the Republic and rise of the emperors. Readings are taken from ancient Latin writers, and through their story-telling the course weaves a picture of the ancient world. The language is taught ab initio, but expect the course to cover all declensions of noun and conjugations of verb. Ideal for revision, rusty returners or dedicated beginners. 

Saturday 23rd November - Latin for complete beginners (one-day course)

This one-day course is for complete beginners. It will provide an introduction to the Latin language, to its use in the ancient and medieval worlds, and its influence on English.

More details and enrolment:

Courses presenter : George Sharpley

Tel 01452 731113

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