Dr Nick Ray
BSc MPhil (Brad), PhD (Leic)


Assistant Director of the Oxford Roman Economy Project, Faculty of Classics
Research Fellow, Wolfson College


New Barnett House
28 Little Clarendon Street

Email: nicholas.ray@classics.ox.ac.uk

Dr Nick Ray
Link1: http://oxrep.classics.ox.ac.uk/home/


After studying at the University of Bradford, Nick completed his PhD at the University of Leicester on consumer behaviour in the ancient world, applying quantitative analysis to artefact assemblages from Pompeian households. In 2010 he received a Tytus Summer Fellowship at the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. Before moving to Oxford, Nick was a Research Associate on the Trans-Sahara Project at the University of Leicester, where he investigated funerary practices in Fazzan, Libya, as part of the Human Mobility and Identity workgroup.

Nick has extensive field experience, involving both excavation and survey and is currently Co-director of the Bosworth Roman Temple Project (Leicestershire, UK) and has worked in Pompeii for many years, most recently serving as Field Director on the Pompeii Quadriporticus Project (2010-2012). He has also worked in Libya (with the Desert Migrations Project and the Ghadames Archaeological Survey) and in Utica, Tunisia.

Research Keywords:

Roman Archaeology, Ancient Economy, Consumption, Consumer Behaviour, Material Culture.

Research Interests:

Nick’s current research focuses on consumption practices in the Roman world, particularly relating to durable commodities. His interests also include the concept of moral economies and the various methods used to investigate material culture and consumer behaviour in different historical periods.

Full Publications:

Click here for a downloadable pdf of full publications:  Nick_Ray_Publications-Aug2014.pdf

Selected Publications:

'Dying to be Garamantian: Burial and migration in Fazzan', in Trans-Saharans Volume I: Burials, migrations and identity, Mattingly et al (eds.), (in preparation).

'Consumer behaviour in the ancient world: Theory and evidence', in Oxford Studies in the Roman Economy, (Oxford forthcoming).

'Economic Performance', in Encyclopedia of Ancient History, R. S. Bagnall et al (eds.), (London, Wiley-Blackwell 2012).

'Economy, Roman', in Encyclopedia of Ancient History, R. S. Bagnall et al (eds.), (London, Wiley-Blackwell 2012).

'DMP XII: excavations and survey of the so-called Garamantian Royal Cemetery (GSC030-031)', Mattingly, D. et al, Libyan Studies, Vol: 42, (2011), 89-102.

'Consumption and Roman Archaeology: Beyond Pompeii', in TRAC 2005: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Birmingham 2005, B. Croxford, H. Goodchild, J. Lucas and N. Ray (eds.), (Oxford, Oxbow 2006), 25-41.