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The Ideas That Make Us

29-01-2014 10:04


The Ideas That Make Us is a returning Radio 4 series which reveals the history of the most influential ideas in the story of civilisation; ideas which continue to affect us all today



In this ‘archaeology of philosophy’, the award-winning historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes begins each programme with the first, extant evidence of a single word in Ancient Greek culture and travels both forwards and backwards in time, investigating how these ideas have morphed across centuries and have impacted on history and the human experience.

In the next five programmes Bettany investigates Liberty, Comedy, Xenia, Wisdom and Peace with, amongst others, classicist Professor Paul Cartledge, poet and author Ben Okri OBE, Lord Prescott, RSC Artistic Director Gregory Doran, astrophysicist Professor Didier Queloz, neuroscientist Professor Patrick Haggard, photojournalist Paul Conroy, papyrologist Professor Dirk Obbink, cuneiform expert Dr Irving Finkel, comedy legend John Lloyd CBE, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, philosopher Professor Angie Hobbs, Bosnian veteran Davor Sesil, Consultant Emily Collis, footballer Eniola Aluko, Dr Stephen Pigney, Dr David Gwynn, Professor Sophie Scott, The IEA’s Ruth Porter and historian Dr Faisal Devji.

Psyche, Charisma, Hubris, Nemesis, Narcissism and Hope will all be explored later in 2014. All programmes will be available in perpetuity.


BBC Radio 4 - The Ideas That Make Us

The Ideas That Make Us

The Ideas That Make Us - Starts January 27th 1.45pm

Presenter/ Bettany Hughes, Producer/ Dixi Stewart for the BBC

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