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Dr Milena Melfi


Researcher in Classical Art and Archaeology, Faculty of Classics
and, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
Lecturer in Classical Art and Archaeology, New College


The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66 St. Giles'

Tel No: (01865) 278079

Dr Milena Melfi

Research Keywords:

Classical Archaeology; Hellenistic and Roman Greece; Sanctuaries; Archaeology and History of Ancient Epirus; cult and cult-places of Asklepios.

Research Interests:

My research interests focus on the redefinition of the role, functioning and frequentation of Greek religious sites, starting from the combined study of material and written sources. My present work is mainly directed at the interpretation of the archaeology and history of Greek sanctuaries in Late Hellenistic and Early Roman times. Since 2008 I have been directing a team from the University of Oxford in the joint Italian-Albanian-UK excavations at Hadrianopolis (Albania) and have been engaged in the study and publication of the finds from the site.

Selected Publications:

'Religion and Society in Early Roman Corinth: IGCH 353 and the Sanctuary of Asklepios', Hesperia, Vol: 83.4, (2014 forthcoming).

'Art in Transition: Damophon of Messene in the Ionian Coast of Greece', CHS Research Bulletin 1 no.2, (2013), Website:

'Religion and communication in the sanctuaries of Early-Roman Greece: Epidauros and Athens', in Religion as communication system: networks and rituals in the traditional Greek sanctuaries of the Roman period , M. Galli (ed.), (Athens 2013), 143-158.

'The lithos and the sea: some observations on the cult of the Greek sanctuary at Kommos', in Kreta in der Geometrischen und Archaischen Zeit , W.D. Niemeyer, O. Pilz and Y. Kaiser (eds.), (München 2013), 355-365.

'Butrinto, da santuario di Asclepio a centro federale', in I processi formativi ed evolutivi della città in area Adriatica, De Marinis, Fabrini, Perna, Paci, Silvestrini (eds.), (Oxford 2012), 23-30.

'Geografia storica della valle del Drino', in Hadrianopolis II, R. Perna and D. Condi (eds.), Co-author: J. Piccinini, (Bari 2012), 37-65.

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'Rebuilding the myth of Asklepios in 2nd century Epidauros', in Roman Peloponnese III. Studies on political, economic and socio-cultural history, A. Rizakis, C. Lepenioti (eds.), (Athens 2010), 329-39.

'Ritual spaces and performances in the Asklepieia of Roman Greece', in Annual of the British School at Athens, (2010), 317-338, Notes: I Santuari di Asclepio in Grecia. I (Rome 2007), Il Santuario di Asclepio a Lebena (Athens 2007).