Academic Staff M-P

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(** = Emeriti, * = Permanent Professors & Associate Professors)

Prof. John Ma
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276759
Greek History, especially Hellenistic; Asia Minor; Epigraphy; the classical and post-classical polis

Prof. Fiona Macintosh
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 288268
Performance of Greek and Roman Drama, Reception of Greek and Roman literature

Dr Christopher Mallan
St Benet's Hall
Roman Historiography; Cassius Dio; Roman Imperial History; Dexippus; Reception of Roman History in Byzantium.

** Dr Marlia Mango
Institute of Archaeology

Dr Thomas Mannack
Classical Art Research Centre
Tel No: (01865) 278086
Greek vase-painting, Iconography

Dr Richard Marshall
St Benet's Hall
Varro, Ancient Scholarship and Education, Antiquarianism, Roman Social and Cultural History, Palaeography, Textual Transmission

Dr Lydia Matthews
Oriel College
Roman History, Ancient Sexuality and Gender, Ancient Medicine, Ancient Ethnography

Dr Judith S. McKenzie
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 610236
Greco-Roman and Late Antique East and Egypt; Alexandria; Petra; Religious continuity and change; Architecture, art, sculpture

Dr Neil McLynn
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276778
Ancient History (Late Antiquity)

Prof. Andrew Meadows
New College
Greek History; Epigraphy; Numismatics

Dr Chiara Meccariello
The Ioannou Centre for Classical & Byzantine Studies
Greek Literary and Subliterary Papyri; Greek Tragedy; Ancient Scholarship, especially Literary Criticism and Greek Lexicography; Ancient Education; Greek Biography; Women in Antiquity

Dr Milena Melfi
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 278079
Classical Archaeology; Hellenistic and Roman Greece; Sanctuaries; Archaeology and History of Ancient Epirus; cult and cult-places of Asklepios.

Dr Christopher Metcalf
The Queen's College
Early Greek poetry; literatures of ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia; history of religion

Mr Robin Meyer
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
historical linguistics, language contact, relative clauses, history of the Greek language, Indo-European linguistics

Dr Laura Miguélez-Cavero
Balliol College
Imperial Greek literature and culture

** Sir Fergus G. B. Millar
The Oriental Institute
Roman History, Near Eastern History

** Mrs B. M. Mitchell
St Anne's College
Cyrene, Double Monasteries in Anglo-Saxon England 7-9C AD

Dr Alfonso Moreno
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 276014
Greek Economic and Social History

Dr Llewelyn Morgan
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277890
Latin Literature, Virgil

Prof. Teresa Morgan
Oriel College
Tel No: (01865) 276574
Ancient history, cultural history, ethics, early Church, historiography

** Mr James Morwood
Wadham College
Elementary Language Teaching, Drama (esp. Euripides), Virgil, Catullus

** Ms Lucia Nixon
Wolfson College
Aegean Archaeology, Survey, Archaeology and Gender

Dr Dirk Obbink
Christ Church
Tel No: (01865) 276212
Greek Literature, Papyrology

Prof. Robert C. T. Parker
New College
Tel No: (01865) 279520
Greek History, Greek Religion, Greek Epigraphy

** Prof. Peter J. Parsons
Christ Church
Oxyrhynchus Papyri Project

Prof. Christopher B. R. Pelling
Christ Church
Greek and Latin Literature and Historiography

** Dr John H. W. Penney
Wolfson College
Indo-European Philology, Languages of pre-Roman Italy

Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis
Corpus Christi College
materiality and religion of the Graeco-Roman world, the body, travel and landscape, pilgrimage, the reception of Classical art, especially Greek Vases

Dr Giuseppe Pezzini
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 277631
Latin Comedy; Latin Language, Metre, and Textual Criticism; Philology and linguistics; History of Classical Scholarship

Dr Tom Phillips
Merton College
Tel No: (01865) 276293
Pindar, Greek Lyric poetry, Hellenistic poetry, ancient scholarship.

Dr Luke Pitcher
Somerville College
Tel No: (01865) 270668
Historiography, Reception

Dr Mark Pobjoy
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 276099
Greek and Roman History, Latin Epigraphy, Republican Italy

Dr Charlotte Potts
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 288265
Archaic Italy; Etruscan archaeology; Roman art and architecture; museum studies

Dr Jonathan R.W. Prag
Merton College
Tel No: (01865) 276281
Ancient Sicily, Roman Republic, Epigraphy

Prof Philomen Probert
Wolfson College
Tel No: (01865) 270765
Greek, Latin, and Anatolian languages and literatures; history of linguistics; Greek and Latin grammarians; Indo-European historical and comparative linguistics; linguistic theory; historical prosody; diachronic syntax.

Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi
Christ Church
Pindar, papyrology, Greek lyric poetry, papyrology, history of the book in antiquity, Hellenistic literary scholarship and its reception, Greek tragedy, archaic Greek elegy.

Prof. Nicholas Purcell
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277818
Roman Social, Economic and Cultural History, City of Rome; Mediterranean Sea and its History