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Dr Luke Pitcher
MSt DPhil Oxf


Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics
Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Somerville College


Somerville College

Tel No: (01865) 270668

Research Keywords:

Historiography, Reception

Research Interests:

Luke Pitcher is principally interested in the writing of history in antiquity. His recent works include Writing Ancient History: An Introduction to Classical Historiography (London, 2009) and chapters in the Blackwell Companions to Julius Caesar and Greek and Roman historiography. At present he is engaged in a study of the historian Appian.

Full Publications:

Click here for a downloadable pdf of full publications:  Luke-Pitcher-010714.pdf

Selected Publications:

' 'Horror in a Covered Platter': H. P. Lovecraft and the Transformations of Petronius.', in Transformative Change in Western Thought: A History of Metamorphosis from Homer to Hollywood, I. Gildenhard, A. Zissos (eds.), (London 2012), 415-25.

'83: Anonymous Writers in Polybios's History' and '108: Themistogenes of Syracuse', in Brill's New Jacoby, I. Worthington (ed.), (2012).

'Appian', 'Cassius Dio' and 'Herodian', in Space in Ancient Greek Literature, I. de Jong (ed.), (Leiden 2012), 219-33, 257-68, 269-82.

'War Stories: The Uses of the Plupast in Appian', in Time and Narrative in Ancient Historiography: the 'Plupast' from Herodotus to Appian, J. Grethlein, C. Krebs (eds.), (Cambridge 2012), 199-210.

'The Stones of Blood: Family, Monumentality, and Memory in Velleius' Second Century', in Velleius Paterculus: Making History, Cowan E (ed.), (Classical Press of Wales 2011), 253-264.