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Language requirements

CourseLanguage RequirementLength of CourseAverage Intake*
Literae Humaniores IA A2 level Latin and Greek 4 125
Literae Humaniores IB A2 level Latin 4
Literae Humaniores IC A2 level Greek 4
Literae Humaniores IIA & IIB No requirements; some candidates may have GCSE Latin or Greek 4 15
Classics & Modern Languages
Option 1 (with Mod. Lang. Prelims)
A2 level Latin or Greek 4 10-15
Classics & Modern Languages
Option 2 (with Lit. Hum. Mods
Study either Lit.Hum. I or Lit.Hum. II Mods: see above for requirements 5
Classics & English: Course 1 A2 Level Latin or Greek 3 10-15
Classics & English: Course 2 Same as Lit.Hum. II; see above 4
Classical Archaeology & Ancient History No requirements 3 20
Ancient & Modern History No requirements 3 15
Classics with Oriental Studies
(incorporates Lit.Hum. Mods)
Study either Lit.Hum. I or Lit.Hum. II Mods; see above for requirements 4 3
Oriental Studies with Classics No requirements; some candidates will have Greek or Latin A2 Level 3

* Actual numbers vary from year to year. These figures are intended only as a rough guide.