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Dr Kyriakos Savvopoulos
PhD Leiden


Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions from Egypt (CPI), Faculty of Classics


Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66, St. Giles'


Dr Kyriakos Savvopoulos


My first degree was in history and archaeology, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I followed this with a Masters in Egyptian Archaeology, at University College London and a PhD in Archaeology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. My Phd thesis deals with the role of the Egyptian tradition in Alexandria of the Hellenistic and Roman periods (ideology, identity and further public life) In 2009, I moved to Alexandria, Egypt, where I worked until December 2013, as a researcher at the Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center and a lecturer in archeology and history at the Alexandria Center for Hellenistic Studies, both affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. I taught courses in Hellenistic architecture, topography of Alexandria, Ptolemaic history, Graeco-Egyptian interaction, epigraphy and coinage, as well as research skills and methodology. I have further worked on several publications either as author or editor, including a new series of catalogues for the Graeco-Roman Museum of Alexandria, based on the Museum’s digitized archive. I also worked as scientific advisor to the recently inaugurated Archaeological Museum (Sacristy) of the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria, and participated in excavations in Greece and Egypt, including Dion, Central Macedonia, (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and the submerged coastline of Alexandria, (Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Mediaeval Alexandrian Studies) In January 2014, I came to Oxford, where I now work as researcher for the Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions from Egypt (CPI), a project based in the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents.

Research Keywords:

Ptolemaic and Roman Alexandria; Ptolemaic history and archaeology; epigraphy, architecture and topography; cultural interaction; ideology and identity; religion and funerary customs.

Research Interests:

My research interests are concerned with cross-cultural contact in the Mediterranean, particularly in Alexandria and Egypt during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. I am interested in a wide range of material evidence including art and architecture, topography, numismatics and epigraphy, focusing in ideology, identity and further public life, religion and funerary customs.

Selected Publications:

'Alexandrian Public Architecture Reconsidered: The Ptolemies, Egypt and Roman monumental interventions - a reassessment based on recent underwater discoveries', in Bulletin de la Société d’Archéologie d’Alexandrie 49, (Archaeological Society of Alexandria 2014 in press).

'The polyvalent nature the Alexandrian Elite Hypogea: A Case Study in the Graeco-Egyptian Cultural Interaction in the Hellenistic and Roman periods', in Alexandrea ad Aegyptum: Multiculturalism in Antiquity, M. Haggag and R. Soussa (eds.), (2014 in press).

An Illustrated Guide to Cavafy’s Alexandria (331 BCE – 641 CE), (Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2013).

The Omar Toussoun Collection in the Graeco-Roman Museum, Co-author: R. S. Bianchi and Y. Hussein, (Graeco-Roman Museum Series 2 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2013).

Alexandrian Sculpture in the Graeco-Roman Museum, Co-author: R. S. Bianchi, (Graeco-Roman Museum Series 1 - Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2012).

'Alexandria in Aegypto. The Use and Meaning of Egyptian Elements in Hellenistic and Roman Alexandria', in Isis on the Nile. Egyptian Gods in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt. Proceedings of the IVth International Conference of Isis studies, Universite de Liege, November 27-29 2008, Michel Malaise in honorem, (Brill 2010), 75-86.

First Hellenistic Studies Workshop, Alexandria 12-18 July 2009, Proceedings, (Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2010).