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Ms Kalina Allendorf
MPhil (ANU)


Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, Corpus Christi College
Member, Faculty of Classics


Corpus Christi College


Ms Kalina Allendorf

Research Keywords:

Latin epic, Latin didactic, esp. Lucretius, Milton, Neo-Latin

Research Interests:

My research focuses on Latin literature and its reception in early modern English poetry, and I am interested in comparative literature and translation more broadly. My doctoral thesis argues that Milton's portrayal of fate and free will in Paradise Lost is shaped by his engagement with issues of human and divine freedom in Homer, Vergil, Lucretius, and Statius.

I am currently preparing a collected volume, co-edited with Stephen Harrison, on the divine in early modern epic.


I teach Latin language and literature at Corpus Christi College and for the Faculty of Classics. Papers I teach include Vergil, Ovid, Latin Texts and Contexts, Latin Core, Epic Link, Tacitus and Tiberius, and the Reception of Classical Literature in Poetry in English since 1900. I have also taught various Greek language and literature options.