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Dr Jill Hilditch
BA (Bristol), MSc (Sheffield), PhD (Exeter)


Departmental Lecturer in Aegean Prehistory, Faculty of Classics
Tutor in Classical Archaeology (CAAH) and Archaeology and Anthropology, Keble College


Keble College


Dr Jill Hilditch


2011-2015: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) – Postdoctoral Fellow/Assistant Professor, New Perspectives on Ancient Pottery project (NPAP)
2009-2011: University of Toronto – Postdoctoral Fellow in the Aegean Material Culture Lab
2002-2005: Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens – Williams Fellow in Ceramic Petrography

Research Keywords:

Aegean Prehistory; Cycladic island archaeology; ceramic analysis; archaeological survey; material culture studies; ancient technologies and craft transmission.

Research Interests:

I am an Aegean archaeologist specialising in ceramics, technological transfer and social practices from the Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age. My dual training in archaeology and geology has allowed me to become a specialist within the field of ceramic petrography, which I integrate within broader approaches to material culture to understand patterns of craft production and exchange in prehistoric societies.

Selected Publications:

'Reconsidering technological transmission: the introduction of the potter’s wheel at Ayia Irini, Kea, Greece', (eds.), Co-author: Gorogianni, E., Abell,, American Journal of Archaeology, Vol: 120 (2), (In press).

'Chapter 4 - Colonial cups? The Minoan plain handleless cup as iconic inter- regional object', in Pots, Palaces and Politics: The Evolution and Socio-Political Significance of Plain Ware Traditions in the 2nd Millennium BC Near East and East Mediterranean, Glatz, C. (ed.), (Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press 2015), 91-113.

'Milesian imports and exchange networks in the southern Aegean', in Festschrift in honour of Prof. Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, Kouka, O., Kaiser, I. & P. Diamantopoulos (eds.), Co-author: Knappett, C, (Athens: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. 2015), 151-161.

'Taking the coarse with the fine: the application of automated SEM-EDS to the Bronze Age ceramic assemblage at Iasos', in Insights from Innovation: new light on archaeological ceramics, Jervis, B., Coxon, S. and Sibbesson (eds.), Co-author: Hilditch, J., Pirrie, D., Knappett, C., Momigliano, N. & G. Rollinson, (Southampton: Southampton University Monograph Series 2015).

'Analyzing technological standardization: revisiting the Minoan conical cup', in Mediterranean ceramics: standardization, variation and people’s choices (late 2nd to late 1st millennium BC), Kotsonas, A. (ed.), (Peeters: Leuven 2014), 21-33.