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Dr Jean-Sébastien Balzat


Researcher, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names


Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
66 St. Giles'

Tel No: (01865) 610229


I read Classics at the Université Catholique de Louvain and I have a BA from Nottingham University and a doctorate from Newcastle University. I spent two years of my doctoral studies at the British School at Athens, where I was School Student and Macmillan-Rodewald Student (2008-2010). I was subsequently appointed as a researcher at the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names in April 2010.

Research Keywords:

Roman history, Greek epigraphy, Greek onomastics

Research Interests:

My principal research area is the study of the political, social and cultural transformations of the Greek East following the Roman conquest (c. 200BC-300AD). I am currently preparing volume VB of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, which will cover the coastal regions of South-Western Asia Minor (from Caria to Cilicia).

Selected Publications:

(forthcoming) Marcus Antonius Aristocrates: Provincial Involvement with Roman Power in the Late 1st c. BC, Co-author: B.Mills, (2013).

'Becoming Roman': à propos de deux générations parentes de néo-citoyens romains à Sparte et à Athènes, in Onomatologos. Studies in Greek Personal Names presented to E. Matthews, R.W.V. Catling, F. Marchand (eds.), (Oxbow Books, Oxford 2010), 183-194.

Prosopographie des prêtres et prêtresses des Dioscures dans la Sparte d'époque impériale, in Roman Peloponnese III. Studies on Political, Economic and Socio-cultural History, (De Boccard, Athens, Paris 2010), 341-355.

'Les Euryclides en Laconie', in Le Péloponnèse à l'époque hellénistique et sous le Haut-Empire. Actes du colloque de Tours, 6-7 octobre 2005, C. Grandjean (ed.), (Ausonius, Bordeaux 2007), 235-250.

'Le pouvoir des Euryclides à Sparte', (2005), 289-301.