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Prof. Irene Lemos
MA DPhil Oxf


Professor of Classical Archaeology, Faculty of Classics
Fellow, Merton College


The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66 St. Giles'

Tel No: (01865) 278268

Prof. Irene Lemos

Research Keywords:

Early Greek Archaeology & history

Research Interests:

Director of the excavation at Lefkandi - Xeropolis, Euboea.
Early Greek Archaeology and Art; State formation in Early Greece from the Late Helladic IIIC to the Archaic period; Literacy; Late Bronze and Iron Age exchange patterns in the Mediterranean; the archaeology of early Ionia.

Selected Publications:

Texts of the Lefkandi-Xeropolis excavation, (n.d.), Website:

'Communities in Transformation: an archaeological survey of the 12th to the 9th centuries BC', in Proceedings of the conference, Recent Developments in the Long-Term Archaeology and History of Greece, at the Netherlands Institute at Athens, 13-15 December 2011, J. Bintliff (ed.), (In press).

'The missing dead: Late Geometric Burials at Lefkandi', in Proceedings of the conference Zagora in Context, Settlements and inter-communal links in the Geometric Period (900-700 BC), Athens 20-22 May 2012, J.-P. Descoeudres & S. Paspalas (eds.), (In press).

'Late Bronze and Iron Age Pottery from Lefkandi in the light of Archaeometric Analyses', in Proceedings of the round table Archaeometric Analyses of Euboean and Euboean Related Pottery: New Results and their interpretations at Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens 15 and 16 April 2011, I. S. Lemos & M. Kerschner (eds.), (In preparation).

Proceedings of the round table Archaeometric Analyses of Euboean and Euboean Related Pottery: New Results and their interpretations at Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens 15 and 16 April 2011, I. S. Lemos & M. Kerschner (eds.), (In preparation).

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