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Dr Helen Kaufmann
lic. Phil, PhD ,PGCE


Stipendiary Lecturer, Lady Margaret Hall
Member, Faculty of Classics


Lady Margaret Hall

Tel No: (01865) 274308


Before joining Lady Margaret Hall in September 2013 as a stipendiary lecturer in Classics I taught Classics at Oriel College, Somerville College, St Hugh’s College, Camden School for Girls, Oxford International College, the Ohio State University (USA) and the University of Fribourg (CH) as well as seminars on learning and teaching in Higher Education at the Humanities Division, Oxford. I also teach Ancient Greek at the Department for Continuing Education. At Oxford, I have taught most Mods papers (Homer, Iliad; Virgil, Aeneid; Texts and Contexts; Unseen translations from Greek; Unseen translations from Latin; Latin prose composition; the literary aspects of Thucydides and the West and of Tacitus and Tiberius; Greek language [Russell]; Latin language [Russell]) as well as a range of Greats papers (Greek literature of the 5th c. BC; Latin literature of the 1st c. BC; Early Greek Hexameter Poetry; Ovid) and of those relevant to the joint degrees CE and CML (Latin authors; Greek authors; Epic link paper; Tragedy link paper).

Research Keywords:

Roman late antiquity, Latin poetry, reception, pedagogy

Research Interests:

I am particularly interested in Roman late antiquity, Latin poetry, reception and ancient religion. Current research projects include a chapter intextuality in late Latin poetry for an edited volume on late Latin aesthetics, a commentary on Servius' Commentary on Book 6 of Virgil’s Aeneid, a paper on the endings and the end of mythological epics in late antiquity and an article on the reception of ancient witchcraft in the 20th c.

Selected Publications:

'Papinius noster: Statius in Roman late antiquity', in W. Dominik and C. Newlands (eds.), Brill's Companion to Statius (forthcoming), (2013).

'Claudian 15.202f. and De raptu Proserpinae 1.19', (EIKASMOS 2011), 303-307.

'Hype or no hype? Cloud Learning', (LearnTechNachrichten 2011).

'Hype or no hype? Serious Games', (LearnTechNachrichten 2011).

'Divide and grid', in K. Curran and L. Lavender (eds.), Building Inclusive Academic Communities: Case Studies in History, Classics and Archaeology, (2010), 9-11.

'Virgil's underworld in the mind of Roman late antiquity', (Latomus 2010), 150-160.