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Graduate Scholarships - Power of 7 Graduate Scholarship Campaign

Photo credit: John Cairns

What will you remember forever about studying the classical world? Reading Homer in Greek for the first time? Excavating your first fragment of pottery? Arguing with your tutor about Aristotle? Creating a readable digital image of an inscription that was defaced 2,000 years ago? 

Oxford is an outstanding place to be a graduate student. The size of the Faculty and range of members’ research interests, Oxford’s exceptional library and museum collections, and the lively, supportive environment created by colleges, all make the University a natural home for high-achieving and high-aspiring young researchers.

Every year, however, some of our best graduate applicants lose the opportunity to study here. Oxford has relatively few fully-funded graduate scholarships, while universities elsewhere in the world are able to offer full funding to most or all graduate students.

This year, we have launched the Power of 7 Graduate Scholarship Campaign to double the number of graduate students we can fully support each year.


  • The Seven Wonders of the World represented the pinnacles of human achievement in art, architecture and engineering
  • The Seven Sages of archaic Greece were politicians, poets and philosophers who helped to forge classical culture and society and were credited with the Delphic maxims ‘Know yourself’ and ‘Nothing in excess’
  • The city of Rome was built on seven hills by a ford on the river Tiber. This strategic location helped Rome gradually to expand its economic and naval power to become a great empire.

 See below a short film about graduate scholarships:


The number 7 carried powerful resonances in the ancient world. With the help of our alumni and benefactors, we hope that this year, 7 will become a powerful number for our graduate students.

Help us to share our passion for the classical world and launch the next generation on the intellectual adventure of a lifetime. To make a gift, whether one-off or regular, go to

10 people giving £7 each per day for a year can fund a scholarship for a Home/EU student
100 people giving £7 each per week can fund an annual scholarship for an Overseas student
70 people giving £70 each per month can fund annual scholarships for one Home/EU student and one Overseas student

Please help us to give outstanding students outstanding opportunities, regardless of their financial circumstances. Your support will make all the difference. 


For further information please contact:

University of Oxford Development Office,
University Offices,
Wellington Square,
Oxford OX1 2JD,
United Kingdom.

T: +44 (0)1865 611556

To make a gift, whether one-off or regular, go to