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Graduate Studies

If you come to Oxford as a graduate student, you will be in good company: about sixty people begin graduate work in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature or in Ancient History every year, and a further 15 in Classical Archaeology. The courses we offer are:

MSt (one-year Master’s degree)

MPhil (two-year Master’s degree)

DPhil (research degree, equivalent to PhD)


Sackler Library

Whichever course you choose, Oxford offers top-rate facilities. The Sackler Library is a research library for Classics: specialists come from all over the world to use it. The Bodleian Library, as a copyright library, is automatically offered every book published in Britain, and also takes a vast number of foreign publications. The Ioannou Centre offers opportunities to meet other classical graduates socially, together with computing and other facilities. For those with appropriate interests, our various Research Projects offer unparalleled collections of material.  Above all, we offer excellence and diversity. There is no dominant ideology, no cult of 'the way we do it here': Faculty members offer a wide range of approaches as well as interests. Whatever you choose to do, our aim is to help you to do it well.