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Dr Giulia Fanti
MA Pavia, PhD Cantab


Instructor in Latin and Greek Language, Faculty of Classics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, St John's College


St. John's College


Dr Giulia Fanti


After reading for an MA in Classics at the University Pavia (Italy), Giulia moved to Cambridge for a PhD in Classics (Corpus Christi College), which she completed with a dissertation on Latin didactic poetry. She was visiting scholar at Columbia University (NYC) during Fall 2015 and at Heidelberg University in 2012-2013. She is a stipendiary lecturer in Classics at St. John’s College, and is one of the faculty's language instructors.

Research Keywords:

Latin literature, Didactic poetry, Lucretius, Manilius, Aetna poem, Cicero, Seneca, Roman philosophy

Research Interests:

Giulia's doctoral thesis focuses on Lucretius' De rerum natura, Manilius' Astronomica and the pseudo-vergilian Aetna, explaining how the presence of a poet's authority influences the development of the didactic process, incorporating the engagement or even intervention of the envisaged audience. Giulia is currently involved in a major research project ('Structures of Epic Poetry'), supported by the German Research Foundation, to co-write the chapter on didactic poetry for a three volume-compendium. Besides didactic poetry, her research interests are mainly focused upon Late-Republican literature, especially Cicero's poetry, and on Roman philosophy, especially Epicureanism and Stoicism.

Selected Publications:

'Grattius' Cynegetica: a Protean Poem at the Heart of the Roman Didactic Tradition', in Grattius in Context(s): Hunting an Augustan Poet., Green, S. (ed.), (Oxford University Press forthcoming: Dec 2017), 61-76 .

'Heracles lamenting in Latin (Cic. Tusc. II.20)', (forthcoming).

'The Failure of Memmius in Lucretius' DRN', LATOMUS , Vol: 76.1, (2017), 58-79.