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Dr Felix Budelmann
BA Lond, PhD Camb


Tutorial Fellow, Magdalen College
Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics


Magdalen College

Tel No: (01865) 276069

Dr Felix Budelmann


Educated in London (BA) and Cambridge (PhD), I taught at the University of Manchester and the Open University before coming to Oxford in 2008.

Research Keywords:

Greek literature, lyric, cognitive approaches to literature

Research Interests:

I have research interests in various areas of Greek literature (especially tragedy and lyric) and its afterlife in later periods. Currently, I am working on a "green-and-yellow" commentary on selections from Greek lyric, and in a more speculative vein I am thinking about applying cognitive science to Greek literature.

Full Publications:

Click here for a downloadable pdf of full publications:  Felix-Budelmann-publications-Sep-2016.pdf

Selected Publications:

'Timotheus' poetics of blending: a cognitive approach to the language of the New Music' jointly with P. LeVen, Classical Philology, Vol: 109, (2014), 191-210.

'Audience reactions to Greek and Shakespearean tragedy' jointly with L. Maguire and B. Teasdale, Times Literary Supplement, (2013), 13-15, Website:

'The inbetweenness of sympotic elegy' jointly with T. Power, Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol: 133, (2013), 1-19.

Choruses, ancient and modern, J. Billings, F. Budelmann, F. Macintosh (eds.), (Oxford 2013), Notes: includes 'Greek festival choruses in and out of context' (pp 81-98).

'Epinician and the symposion: a comparison with the enkōmia', in Reading the victory ode, P. Agocs, R. Rawles, C. Carey (eds.), (Cambridge 2012), 173-90.