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Workshop: Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Italy






The study of gods of Ancient Italy has proved to be an emerging field in
recent years, and an increasing number of scholars is demonstrating that studying
how individuals, groups and communities worshipped specific divinities in
different ways can provide much in terms of general understanding of the
cultural history of the peninsula in antiquity. The workshop will bring
together scholars from several European countries, who will present the results
of their work on specific divinities and discuss the theoretical and
methodological challenges they encountered. It will focus on the Republican

The workshop is open to everyone, and attendance is free of charge, but
please register by 10 September. To register or to ask further information
please write to



10.00 Welcome and

10.10 F. Glinister
(UCL) – Getting to know Diana.

10.45 A. Sofroniew
(Ashmolean Museum) – Mefitis: a goddess between realms.

11.20 M. Di Fazio (Pavia) – “Tre donne intorno al
cor…”. Feronia, Marica, Mefitis: the religious profile of
three Italic goddesses.

11.55 coffee

12.10 A.Clark (Oxford) – Honouring honos.

12.45 D. Miano (Oxford) – Italic Fortunae and the
conceptual challenge.

13.20 lunch

14.20 C.Santi (Napoli 2) - Castor: a foreign god in the Roman Forum.

14.55 S.Wyler (Paris 7 – ANHIMA)- Loufir/Liber at the crossroads of religious cultures
in Pompei (3rd-1st BCE).

15.30 coffee

15.45 F.Santangelo (Newcastle) – The Italic Ceres

16.20 E. Buchet
(Rouen) – Beyond Rome : the cult of Vesta in Italy

17.00 Plenary discussion (Chair: John North, ICS)

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