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Public statues across Time and Cultures

28-09-2016 - 29-09-2016

This event is generously supported by the Marie Curie Fellowship, John Fell Fund, the Zilkha Fund and the Craven Committee.


Throughout history and across cultures people have set up statues in public spaces - to honour rulers, to reward benefactors, to worship gods and goddesses or simply to admire. This conference brings together leading historians, art historians and archaeologists to discuss the role played by public statues in historical cultures ranging from ancient China to modern Renaissance Rome, from Palmyra to Georgian England. Key issues to be explored include the ways in which the setting of public statues contributed to their meaning, the ways that audiences responded to public statues and what contemporary discourses reveal about the role of statues in society. Looking at public statues as a widespread historical phenomenon should suggest new perspectives for considering the specific case studies considered and will generate discussion concerning shared problems of evidence and methodology in approaching the subject. The event is open to anybody with an interest in sculpture, public space or comparative history.


Attendance costs £7.50 per day. Lunch costs £13.50 per day. Please register using the online store:


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