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Breaking and Entering: Metalepsis in Classical Literature

03-09-2015 - 05-09-2015

With roots in ancient rhetorical theory but given its modern sense by Genette, metalepsis is usually understood to refer to the breaking of boundaries between distinct narrative worlds.  While scholars of (post-)modern literature have made fruitful use of the concept, classicists have only just begun to explore what metalepsis might mean in the literature and other media of the ancient world. With such enquiries within Classics increasingly gathering momentum, this conference sets out to take the debate to the next level by asking both where metalepsis can most productively join other critical concepts in classical research and how explorations of ancient metalepsis might change, refine or extend the general understanding of the concept itself.

Main speakers: Peter Bing (Emory), Felix Budelmann (Oxford), Bruno Currie (Oxford), Laurel Fulkerson (Florida State), Irene de Jong (Amsterdam), Duncan Kennedy (Bristol), Sebastian Matzner (KCL), Ivana Petrovic (Durham), Ruurd Nauta (Groningen), Gail Trimble (Oxford), Tim Whitmarsh (Cambridge).

 PGR speakers: Laura Garofalo (Johns Hopkins), Talitha Kearey (Cambridge), Markus Kersten (Rostock).

For further information, including the full programme, please see the conference website:  

To register for the conference (£25 to include registration, lunches and refreshments) and optional conference dinner (£45), please visit the University of Oxford online store here.

The organisers – Gail Trimble and Sebastian Matzner – gratefully acknowledge the support received from the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of a Research Fellowship (Early Career) awarded to Gail Trimble.


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