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Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi
BA (Bologna), MPhil DPhil Oxf


Junior Research Fellow, Faculty of Classics
Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, Oriel College


Christ Church


Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi


After a Bachelor's degree in Classics from the University of Bologna, I joined Merton College, Oxford for an MPhil (2009) and DPhil (2014) in Classical Languages and Literature. I have been a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church since 2012, and in the academic year 2014-15 I am also a Non-Stipendiary Lecturer at Oriel College. I have taught several Greek language and literature options for both Mods and Greats as well as Latin language and reading classes for Mods. The monograph arising from my DPhil dissertation, Pindar's Prosodia: Introduction, Text, and Commentary is in preparation for Oxford University Press (publication estimated for 2016).

Research Keywords:

Pindar, papyrology, Greek lyric poetry, papyrology, history of the book in antiquity, Hellenistic literary scholarship and its reception, Greek tragedy, archaic Greek elegy.

Research Interests:

Most of my research to date has fallen within one or more of three main areas: archaic Greek lyric, especially the fragmentary works of Pindar; papyrology and the study of ancient manuscript culture; and ancient (mostly Hellenistic) scholarship on earlier Greek literature. My D.Phil study of the fragments of Pindar's Prosodia sat snugly between these three areas, with opportunities for frequent forays in related subjects such as Greek religion and worship and the role of poetry and song within them. Since 2012 I have been focussing more closely on ancient scholarship on the Greek lyricists, with two long articles (currently under review) on the titles given by Hellenistic editors to the poems of Simonides, Pindar, and Bacchylides, a conference paper (to become an article at the earliest opportunity) on a papyrus commentary to an anonymous lyric poem, and a planned monograph on the scholia vetera to Pindar’s victory odes, which is the subject of my current research project at Christ Church. At the same time I am continuing to work on lyric and tragic papyri as well as on Greek lyric more generally.

Selected Publications:

The Cup of Song. Studies on Poetry and the Symposion, V. Cazzato, D.Obbink, E. Prodi (eds.), (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016 forthcoming).

'A bibliological note on P.Oxy. 659 (Pindar, Partheneia), APapyrol, Vol: 26, (2014), 99-105.

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'P.Oxy. 2448 (Pi. fr. 215 Sn.-M.) and Pindar's Prosodia', ZPE, Vol: 185, (2013), 53-59.

'Note a P.Oxy. 2459 (Eur. frr. 540-540b K.)', Eikasmos, Vol: 22, (2011), 69-78.