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Dr Edward Bispham
MA, DPhil Oxf


Tutorial Fellow in Ancient History, Brasenose College
Associate Professor in Ancient History, Faculty of Classics


Brasenose College

Tel No: (01865) 277524

Dr Edward Bispham


I am interested in all areas of antiquity, the classical world and its interlocutors; I teach most ancient history papers. For the past decade and a bit more I have been thinking about how historians should and can use archaeological data, and vice versa. I have been very lucky to be able to go to the mountains in central Italy and think about this while other people shovel large amounts of soil around. Currently I am chairman of the Sub-Faculty of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology: my present project involves trying to find out what this means in practice.

Research Keywords:

Pre-Roman and Roman Italy (history, epigraphy, archaeology); Roman historiography

Research Interests:

My research interests fall broadly into three categories at the moment: the history, archaeology and epigraphy of Italy, especially the impact of the Roman conquest; the political and cultural history of the Roman Republic; early Roman historiography. I am Co-Director of the Sangro Valley Project (Phase II), with Prof. Susan Kane, of Oberlin College, Ohio.

Selected Publications:

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