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Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez
BA MPhil León, MPhil UAM-Madrid, PhD (DocEuro)


Junior Research Fellow Mougins Museum in Classical Art and Material Culture, Wolfson College
Research Associate, Classical Art Research Centre, Faculty of Classics


Wolfson College
Linton Road


Dr Diana Rodríguez Pérez


I am the Junior Research Fellow Mougins Museum in Classical Art and Material Culture at Wolfson College, and was previously the Research Assistant for the Beazley Archive Pottery Database at the Classical Art Research Centre. Before moving to Oxford, I held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Edinburgh funded by the Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT). I received my PhD (Doctor Europaea) from the University of León, Spain, with the dissertation The Snake in the Ancient Greek World: Myth, Rite and Image (2010). I have an MPhil in History of Art from the University of León (2008) and an MPhil in Archaeology and Heritage from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2011). In 2010-2011, I worked as a translator at the European Parliament in Luxemburg, and in 2008-2009 I was an Academic Visitor and DAAD Fellow at the Institut für klassische Archäologie of the University of Heidelberg.

Research Keywords:

Classical Art and Material Culture, Athenian Pottery, Iconography, Archaeological Theory, Greek Mythology and Religion

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the art and archaeology of ancient Greece, with an emphasis on vase-painting, animal symbolism, the contextual study of Athenian pottery, and funerary customs from the Archaic to the Late Classical periods. I am most interested in the regions of Attica, Macedonia and Boeotia, and I also work on Greek material from the Iberian Peninsula. As a JRF I am working on a research project about the ‘consumption’ of Athenian pottery in the southeastern region of the Iberian Peninsula in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Very roughly, I want to know why, how, and when the Iberians used Athenian pots, how they integrated them within their own exiting material and visual culture, and which consequences the cultural encounter between them and the Greeks had in the production of the Athenian pottery workshops. My PhD was an exploration of the meaning of the snake in the ancient Greek world through a number of case studies using a wide range of textual and material evidence. My postdoctoral research focused on a class of vases called 'Exaleiptra/Plemochoai' to explore the relationship between 'representation' and 'reality' in archaic and classical Greece; it was succesful in showing some specificities of Greek visual language regarding the negotiation of gender identitites and contributed to the fundamental question of how to understand Greek imagery. I have also published on Heritage Conservation.

Selected Publications:

Greek Art in Context. Archaeological and Art Historical Perspectives, Rodríguez Pérez, D. (ed.), (In press).

'Evocative Objects: The Attic Black-Glazed Plemochoai (Exaleiptra) between Archaeology and Vase Painting', in On the Fascination of Objects: Greek and Etruscan Art in the Shefton Collection, S. Waite, A. Parkin and J. Boardman (eds.), (Oxford, Oxbow 2016), 17-29.

'Guardian Snakes and Combat Myths: An Iconographical Approach', in Pflanzen und Tiere auf griechischen Vasen, C. Lang-Auigner and E. Trinkl (eds.), (Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Österreich Beifheft 2 2016), 147-155.

Beazley and Christ Church. 250 Years of Scholarship on Greek Vases, Co-author: Rodríguez Pérez, D., Mannack, T., and Neagu, C., (Oxford, Christ Church Library 2016).

'¿La apoteosis de Heracles o una escena de apobates? A propósito de una cratera de campana procedente de Los Nietos?', Archivo Español de Arqueología, Vol: 87, (2014), 59-47.

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'He took the Behaviour of the Serpent as a Sign from the Heaven. An Approach to Athenian Religion', Thetis. Mannheimer Beiträge zur klassischen Archäologie und Geschichte Griechenlands und Zyperns, Vol: 16/17, (2010), 29-39.

Serpientes, dioses y héroes. El combate contra la serpiente en el arte y la literatura griega antigua, (León, Universidad de León 2008).