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Dr Daniel Sicka
BA MSt DPhil Oxf


Member, Faculty of Classics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, St John's College


St. John's College


Dr Daniel Sicka


As an undergraduate, I read Classics at Balliol, then obtained a MSt and DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature at Magdalen College. I am currently a Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics at St. John’s College, with particular responsibility for the college’s teaching of Greek literature.

Research Keywords:

Pindar, Greek lyric poetry, performance, intertextuality

Research Interests:

My main research area is in Greek lyric poetry, especially the epinician odes of Pindar and Bacchylides. My current focus has been shaped by my doctoral thesis, which took the form of a commentary on Pindar’s odes for the Emmenid family of Acragas: I am interested both in the formal and literary features of these texts, particularly in relation to questions of intertextuality, metapoetics, and enactment through style, as well as in their pervasive engagement with non-textual aspects of their shared cultural milieu.