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Information for current graduate students

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Graduate Course Handbooks

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Exam Regulations

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*Graduate Teaching

Framework for Progressing through a DPhil

Information for Students with Disabilities

Funding and Training Opportunities:

Humanities Graduate Funding Opportunities

Humanities Division Graduate Training & Support

Graduate Forum

Both sub-faculties have a graduate form. Annual meetings are held during Hilary Term. These are important forums for discussion of general academic or administrative problems affecting graduates, all of whom are invited, and encouraged, to attend. Minutes of the Committee meetings are automatically sent to the meetings of the Sub-Faculty, where they are given close attention, especially if they contain proposals for reform or complaints.

Your graduate student representatives

Online Network for Classics Graduates

There is an online network for Classics graduates maintained by the graduate representatives themsleves. The Oxford Classics Network is intended to help foster the kind of conversations between researchers that can enrich your time at Oxford, and develop ongoing friendships as you develop your career. We list events going on in the classics faculty, advertise calls for papers, and maintain profiles of all current graduates in the faculty of classics for your perusal. The url for the network is