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Completed projects

Bibliotheca Academica Translationum

The Bibliotheca Academica Translationum is an international project studying the transmission of knowledge between European scholarly communities and its diffusion in national cultures through the medium of translations of works of scholarship made during the period 1701-1917.

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Communication, Language and Power in the Achaemenid Empire: The correspondence of the satrap Arshama

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The essential aim of this project is to provide the opportunity for detailed, hands-on involvement with one of the most exciting fields in ancient history, Achaemenid Studies.

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Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources

The Dictionary represents the Latin language as written in the British Isles and by Britons abroad from Gildas (AD 540) to Camden (1600), a canon of more than 2,300 named authors, many anonymous writers, and an archive of diplomatic and administrative documents roughly ten times the size of the literary corpus.

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e-Science and Ancient Documents (eSAD)

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The Image, Text, Interpretation: e-Science, Technology and Documents project (also known as eSAD: e-Science and Ancient Documents) aims to use computing technologies to aid experts in reading ancient documents in their complex task.

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HTDPSH: Historiographical tendencies during the period of Spartan hegemony

This project proposes to study a crucial period of Greek history through the historians who wrote about it (Thucydides, Xenophon, the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia, Ephorus in Diodorus, Theopompus, Cratippus, Callisthenes). The main focus is on the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia (HO) and three papyrus fragments( PSI 1304, P. Oxy 842, P. Cairo 26 6 SR 3049/27 1).

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Monumenta Asiae Minoris XI

Monumenta Asiae Minoris Antiqua (MAMA) XI is a corpus of 387 inscriptions and other ancient monuments from Phrygia and Lykaonia, recorded by Sir William Calder (1881-1960) and Dr Michael Ballance (†27 July 2006) in the course of annual expeditions to Asia Minor in 1954-1957.

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Performing Epic from antiquity to the present

The APGRD’s 'Performing Epic' programme is a 3-year, Leverhulme-funded research project exploring the vital life of the classical epics in the performance arts.

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Roman Inscriptions of Britain, Volume III

Directed since 1975 by R S O Tomlin, University Lecturer in Late Roman History and Fellow of Wolfson College, the project continues the work of R G Collingwood and R P Wright, whose first volume of Roman Inscriptions of Britain appeared in 1965.

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Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions: The Greek Paradigm

This project studies the parameters, which influenced the representation of emotions in texts and images in Greece, the Greek colonies, and the Hellenized areas from the first appearance of alphabetical sources to the establishment of Christianity.

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The Sphakia Survey

The Sphakia Survey is an interdisciplinary archaeological project whose main objective is to reconstruct the sequence of human activity in a remote and rugged part of Crete (Greece), from the time that people arrived in the area, by ca 3000 BC, until the end of Ottoman rule in AD 1900.

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Writing & Statues. Palaeographic Analysis and Historical Perspectives on Greek and Latin Honorary Inscriptions from Ancient Sicily (I BC - VII AD)

The main purpose of this research is the realization of a corpus of Greek and Latin epigraphic documents carved on stone in Sicily under the Roman Empire (post 27 BC 650 AD), making use of a new interdisciplinary approach.

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