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09-04-2013 11:19

Oxbridge Classics Open Day

Despite the rain, the Oxbridge Classics Open day 2013 was a great success. See photos from the event and listen to podcasts of some of the talks.

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02-04-2013 14:07

A Roman historian's view on Plebs

ITV2's new sitcom Plebs is transplanting 21st-century attitude to ancient Rome – so Roman historian Dr Anna Clark is surprised there are quite a few accuracies. See the full article in the Guardian online.

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11-03-2013 10:39

Recreating the Sounds of Ancient Greek Music

Three conferences scheduled for later this year on the subject of Recreating the Sounds of Ancient Greek Music.

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11-03-2013 10:01

Communicating Ancient Greece and Rome (CAGR) programme, 2010-2012

The APGRD is running a second version of the two-year training programme for graduates and Early Career Researchers interested in public engagement. This new version takes the next step in helping researchers to build sustainable partnerships with organizations in the media, arts and heritage, and education sectors.

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11-03-2013 09:55

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Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers

In conjunction with ISCA (the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology), the APGRD has recently been successful in securing a £2500 grant for a collaborative practice-based study, “Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers”

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