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25-11-2014 16:00

Dr Richard Ashdowne

Dr Richard Ashdowne on the completion of the Medieval Latin Dictionary

Dr Richard Ashdowne, former Editor of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (a British Academy as well as a Classics Faculty research project), talks about the dictionary and its completion.

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20-11-2014 11:17

Pavlos Avlamis

Pavlos Avlamis on Melvyn Bragg's "In our Time" Radio 4

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Aesop. According to some accounts, Aesop was a strikingly ugly slave who was dumb until granted the power of speech by the goddess Isis. Some modern scholars question whether he existed at all, but the body of work that has come down to us under his name gives us a rare glimpse of the popular culture of the Ancient World.

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31-10-2014 12:23

Halloween special: Did the Romans believe in ghosts?

Read all about it on the new AshLI blog, and hear Dr Llewelyn Morgan reading a genuine Roman ghost story.

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24-10-2014 11:46

Dr Alex Mullen awarded the James Henry Breasted Prize

Dr Alex Mullen of All Souls College has been awarded the American Historical Association’s 2014 James Henry Breasted Prize for Southern Gaul and the Mediterranean: Multilingualism and Multiple Identities in the Iron Age and Roman Periods (Cambridge Univ. Press)

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