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Classics Mods IIB Course Structure

Below is a list of papers on offer to give you an idea of the type of papers available. Please refer to the exam regulations for details on the number and allowed combinations of papers. Not all papers are available every year.

Classics Papers:
Homer, Iliad
Texts and Contexts

Philosophy Special Subjects:
Early Greek Philosophy
Plato, Meno and Euthyphro
General Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Introduction to Logic

Classical Special Subjects:
Thucydides and the West
Aristophanes’ Political Comedy
Homeric Archaeology and Early Greece from 1550 to 700 BC
Greek Vases
Greek Sculpture c. 600 - 300 BC
Roman Architecture
Historical Linguistics and Comparative Philology

Language Papers:
Unprepared Translation from Greek
Greek Language
Optional Paper : Verse Composition or Additional Translation or Additional Translation and Metre