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Classics and English

If students are studying Latin and / or Greek to A-Level this is normally a three-year option (Course I). But students who have not had the opportunity to study an ancient language before can take a four-year course beginning with an intensive introduction to Latin and Greek (Course II).

Either version offers a well integrated (and truly ‘joint’) course, which alongside English literature of the Renaissance and beyond, and Graeco-Roman authors such as Herodotus, Euripides, Virgil, Catullus
and Juvenal, also explores the rich connections between ancient and modern literature. Students can pursue whatever aspect of English or classical literature appeals to them, but among the highlights of the course are the three ‘Link Papers’ studied in the final year. In these, through topics such as Epic, Tragedy, Comedy, Pastoral and Satire, the twists and turns of literary genres can be traced from Homer to Milton and Walcott, or from Theocritus to Arnold and Heaney.

1st year Courses

Five Papers are Taken:

  • Introduction to English Language and Literature
  • Literature in English 1550–1660
  • Unseen translation for Classics
  • Greek and Latin literature (two papers, offering a choice of Greek or Latin authors)

2nd and 3rd Years

Seven Papers are Taken:

  • Two link papers, one compulsory (Epic), and a choice from Comedy, Tragedy, Reception
  • One of Papers 2–5 from the English single honours course not taken in the first year
  • One of Papers 1–6 from the English single honours course not taken in the first year
  • Classics core paper
  • One classics option
  • Dissertation of 8,000 words, either interdisciplinary, or focused on English or Classics

UCAS Course Codes:
Course I QQ38
Course II QQH8
Course length: 3 years (Course I) or 4 years (Course II)