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Course Structure: Preliminary Examinations (Prelims)

The following provides an example of courses typically available. It cannot be guaranteed that university lectures or classes or college teaching will be offered in all subjects in every academic year.

Courses I and II Paper Information: English Papers

Prelims involve two papers in English, one portfolio and one three hour exam. The period of English Literature studied in the first year of the course concentrates on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when the influence of the Classics was especially strong. Hence you will be studying different periods to first-year students reading single-school English; your paper is closest to those being studied by second-year English undergraduates, and you will find lectures given for the English paper ‘Literature 1509-1642’ particularly useful.

The details of the papers are as follows:

Paper 1: Introduction to English Language and Literature
Paper 2: English Literature 1550 – 1660 (excluding the plays of Shakespeare)

Please see the  Facutly of English website for details on English courses.

Courses I and II Paper Information: Classics Papers

The three Classics papers overlap extensively with those studied by first-year Classicists.
Either Latin or Greek must be offered, or indeed both Classical languages.
Paper 3: Unseen Translation from Latin and/or Unseen Translation from Greek
This paper consists of four passages for translation into English, a prose and verse
passage from each language, of which the candidate must offer TWO.
Paper 4: Greek and Latin Literature: Essays
Paper 5: Greek and Latin Literature: Translation and Comment

Please see the Classics Mods webpages for details of these papers.