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Dr Christina Kuhn
MA Heidelberg, Staatsexamen, DPhil Oxf


Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall
Associate Professor in Ancient History, Faculty of Classics


Lady Margaret Hall

Tel No: (01865) 274379


Dr Christina Kuhn is a Tutorial Fellow and University Lecturer in Ancient History. She came to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 2004 and wrote her DPhil thesis on Roman Asia Minor at Brasenose. Before joining LMH in 2009, she was a University Lecturer at Heidelberg University and a Research Associate at the Oxford Classics Faculty.

Research Keywords:

Roman political, social and cultural history, Roman Asia Minor, Greek and Latin Epigraphy, Papyrology, Roman Egypt

Research Interests:

Dr Kuhn is currently preparing a study of the culture of political discourse in Roman Asia Minor for publication with OUP. She is working on the role of emotions in the political and religious communication of the Roman Empire and on litigation and advocacy in Roman Egypt. She is also assistant editor of Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum.

Selected Publications:

Der Rangstreit der Städte im römischen Kleinasien: Anmerkungen zu Kontext und Datierung von I.Laodikeia 10, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, (2013).

Alexander the Great and the Double Nemesis: The Construction of a Foundation Myth, Scripta Classica Israelica, Vol: 31, (2012), 19-34.

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Politische Kommunikation und Öffentliche Meinung in der antiken Welt: Einleitende Bemerkungen, in Politische Kommunikation und öffentliche Meinung in der antiken Welt, Kuhn C (ed.), (Stuttgart: F. Steiner Verlag 2012), 11-30.

M. Antonius Polemon und die Dionysia: Bemerkungen zur Bedeutung des Prora-Motivs auf kaiserzeitlichen Münzen Smyrnas, Athenaeum, Vol: 99, (2011), 145-153.

Applied Classics: Comparisons, Constructs, Controversies, Kuhn A, Kuhn C & Chaniotis A (eds.), (Stuttgart: F. Steiner Verlag 2009).

Introduction, in Applied Classics: Comparisons, Constructs, Controversies, Kuhn C, Chaniotis A & Kuhn A (eds.), (Stuttgart: F. Steiner Verlag 2009), 1-15.

Mythos und Historie im kaiserzeitlichen Smyrna: Kollektive Identitätsstiftung im Kontext der Romanisierung, Scripta Classica Israelica, Vol: 28, (2009), 93-111.