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Dr Carol Atack
BSc LSE, BA MPhil PhD Camb


Post-doctoral Research Associate, Anachronism and Antiquity, Faculty of Classics
Member, Faculty of Classics
Junior Research Fellow, St Hugh's College


St Hugh's College


Dr Carol Atack

Research Keywords:

Political thought, Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, historiography, reception

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in ancient political thought and philosophy, especially the political thought of fourth-century BCE Athens, and in ancient historiography. My PhD thesis 'Debating kingship: models of monarchy in 5th- and 4th-century BCE Greek political thought' examined the role of kings in the Greek political imaginary. I am currently exploring anachronism in the construction of an idealised political past in this context, and in the constructions of intellectual genealogies by ancient doxographers and intellectual historians throughout the classical period. I am also interested in the reception and use of Greek political thought by 20th-century radical political theorists.

Selected Publications:

' ''Cyrus appeared both great and good'': Xenophon and the performativity of kingship', in How To Do Things With History, D. Allen, P. Christesen and P. Millett (eds.), (Oxford University Press forthcoming).

'Plato’s Statesman and Xenophon’s Cyrus', in Plato and Xenophon, G. Danzig, D. Johnson and D. Morison (eds.), (Brill forthcoming).

'Aristotle's pambasileia and the metaphysics of monarchy', Polis, Vol: 32, Issue 2, (2015), 297-320.

'Endnotes to Michael Frede's seminar papers', in M. Frede and M. Burnyeat (2015) The Pseudo-Platonic Seventh Letter, D.J. Scott (ed.), Co-author: D.J. Scott, (Oxford University Press 2015), 99-112.

'The Greeks in Sicily', in Sicily and the Sea, R. van Beek, D. Burgersdijk et al. (eds.), (Allard Pierson Museum 2015), 39-45.

Notes on Xenophon Cyropaedia7.5.37-86 for Cyrus' Paradise , (2015), Website:

'The discourse of kingship in classical Athenian thought', Histos, Vol: 8, (2014), Website: