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Dr Bruno Currie
MA DPhil Oxf


Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics
Monro Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Oriel College


Oriel College

Tel No: (01865) 276510

Dr Bruno Currie

Research Keywords:

Early Greek epic (especially Homer and Hesiod), Greek lyric (especially Pindar), Greek religion

Research Interests:

Dr Currie teaches Greek and Latin languages and literature. His chief research interests are in ancient Greek poetry (especially epic and lyric), ancient Greek religion, and in the interaction of these two. He is the author of Pindar and the Cult of Heroes (2005) and co-editor of Epic Interactions. Perspectives on Homer, Virgil, and the Epic Tradition Presented to Jasper Griffin by Former Pupils (2006). He is currently working on a book called Hesiod and Myth.

Selected Publications:

Pindar and Bacchylides, in Space in Ancient Greek Literature, (Brill 2012), 285-303.

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