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Dr Ben Cartlidge
MA DPhil Oxf, MA Köln


Language Instructor, Faculty of Classics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics, St John's College


The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66, St. Giles'


Dr Ben Cartlidge


After a BA in Classics at Oxford and an MA in Classics and Indo-European at the University of Cologne, Ben wrote a doctorate on the language of Menander; he is preparing this for publication as a monograph. He is currently a faculty language Instructor teaching Greek and Latin languages, a college lecturer at St John's, and a Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics at Wolfson.

Research Keywords:

Menander, Greek drama, Indo-European linguistics, Sabellian languages, the history of the Greek language, Greek literature, language pedagogy

Research Interests:

I work on the language of Greek New Comedy, particularly Menander, and am attempting to understand its place in the history of the Greek language. This involves employing modern linguistic methods to model the development of the Koiné from the convergence of the Greek dialects at the end of the 4th century B.C. I also work on Greek drama more generally. I teach the full range of language options for Mods and some literature and Philology topics.

Selected Publications:

'The language of Greek New Comedy', 'Pataikos', 'Athenaeus', 'Characterization', 'Forms of address' commissioned encyclopaedia articles, in The Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Greek Comedy, A. Sommerstein (ed.), (2014 forthcoming).

'Failed persuasion as a locus for comedy in Aristophanes and Menander' accepted for AMPAL, (2014).

'Why Compose? Greek Prose Composition and Functional Grammar', (Classical Association, Nottingham 2014).

'Cartlidge on Austin, Menander: Eleven Plays (2012)', BMCR, Vol: 10.41, (2013).

'Lexikon und Onomastik: Osk. físanis und idg. *dheh1s', in Sprachkontakt und Kulturkontakt im alten Italien. Onomastik und Lexikon. 10 Jahre nach Jürgen Untermanns 'Wörterbuch des Oskisch-Umbrischen', J.L. García Ramón, D. Kölligan, P. Poccetti (eds.), (2013).