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Dr Anna Clark
MA DPhil Oxf, MLitt St And, Student of Christ Church


Associate Professor in Ancient History, Faculty of Classics
Tutor in Roman History, Christ Church


Christ Church

Tel No: (01865) 276228

Dr Anna Clark

Research Keywords:

Roman society and history, esp. 3rd cent BCE -1st/ 2nd CE; Roman intellectual and cultural history; historiography; religion; epistolography; Roman comedy; city of Rome.

Research Interests:

My principal research interests lie in Roman history of the republican and early imperial periods. I have published on historiography, epistolography, and comedy and on topics including religious, cultural, social, and political history. I am currently interested in finding ways to describe Roman society without relying on such categories (religious, cultural, political etc.), and am writing a book (Approaching Roman Society) that attempts to do this through a series of case studies on topics including graffiti and Cicero's letters.

Selected Publications:

Gods and Roman Comedy, (2012).

Magistri and ministri in Roman Italy: Associations with Gods, in Priests and State in the Roman World, Richardson J, Santangelo F (eds.), (Steiner 2011), 347-72.

Vologaeses as Mirror, Marincola J, Moles J (eds.), Histos, Vol: 5, (2011), 208-231.

'Divine Qualities. Cult and Community in Republican Rome', Oxford Classical Monographs, (Oxford University Press 2007).

Nasica and fides, Classical Quarterly, Vol: 57, (2007), 125-131.