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Dr Angus M. Bowie
MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf


Fellow, The Queen's College
Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature, Faculty of Classics


The Queen's College


Dr Angus M. Bowie


After school in York, my academic career began in Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where I was an undergraduate, graduate and Research Fellow; after which I enjoyed five years in the Greek Department at Liverpool University. I came to Queen's in 1981. In 1987, I had the pleasure of teaching a semester in Berkeley.

Research Keywords:

Literary Theory, Homer, Herodotus, Greece and Persia, Comedy, Greek Anthropology, Virgil

Research Interests:

My research has taken me into a number of very different areas, in pursuit of experience in both technical and more literary topics. I began with a study of the language of the lyric poets Sappho and Alcaeus, showing how they wrote not, as was generally thought, in their local language but in a poetic language that made their poetry accessible to other Greeks. I then moved to a structuralist study of Aristophanic comedy, seeking to understand the plays as the Athenians might have, through a consideration of their use of ritual and mythology. Late in life, I discovered the pleasures of commentary writing, and after Herodotus 8, where I was especially interested in his presentation of the Persians, and Odyssey 13-14, where I attempt to persuade readers that the second half of that poem has at least as many merits as the first, I am currently doing one on Iliad 3. I have also published articles on such subjects as Virgil, tragedy, sacrifice and narratology.

Selected Publications:

Homer: Odyssey Books XIII-XIV, (Cambridge 2013).

Herodotus: Book VIII, (Cambridge 2007).

Aristophanes: myth, ritual and comedy, (Cambridge 1993).

'The Death of Priam: Allegory and History in the Aeneid', CQ, Vol: 40, (1990), 470-81.

The Poetic Dialect of Sappho and Alcaeus, (New York 1981).