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Dr Angela Trentacoste
BA MSc PhD Sheff


Research Assistant, Oxford Roman Economy Project, Faculty of Classics


Hayes House
75, George Street


Dr Angela Trentacoste


After completion of an MSc in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy (2009) at the University of Sheffield, I undertook a PhD in Zooarchaeology (2014) at the same institution. My doctoral project analysed animal bones from the Etruscan town at Bagnolo San Vito (Mantova) and investigated the relationship between urbanisation and animal exploitation in Italy during the first millennium BC. Subsequently, I held a Mougins Museum Rome Award at the British School at Rome and the Etruscan Foundation’s Research Fellowship, for which I investigated animal sacrifice and its role in wider socio-economic networks. I joined the Oxford Roman Economy Project in 2015.

Research Keywords:

Zooarchaeology, Roman archaeology, Protohistory, Ancient economy

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the social and economic use of animals from the late Bronze Age to Roman Imperial period. I am particularly concerned with this timeframe in Italy, and the changes in settlement pattern, social structure, and land use that accompany it. I work with excavations across Italy as well as developer-funded projects in the UK, and the problems presented by this material have led me to become concerned with taphonomy and deposit formation. Additionally, I am interested in advancing the theory and methods behind animal bone studies, particularly in relation to recording protocols and data management and dissemination.

Selected Publications:

The Etruscans and their Animals, (Oxford: British Archaeological Reports. 2016 forthcoming).

'Etruscan foodways and demographic demands: contextualizing protohistoric livestock husbandry in northern Italy', European Journal of Archaeology, (2015 forthcoming).

'New excavations in the urban area of Caere (2012-2014)', in Mouseion, Co-author: F. Colivicchi, G.L. Gregori, M. Lanza, A. Lepone, M. Scalici, A. Trentacoste and C. Zaccagnino, (2015 forthcoming).

'Faunal remains from the Etruscan sanctuary at Poggio Colla (Vicchio di Mugelllo)', Etruscan Studies, Vol: 16(1), (2013), 75-105.

Ethnozooarchaeology. The Past and Present of Human–Animal Relationships, Albarella, U. and Trentacoste, A. (eds.), (Oxford, Oxbow Books 2011).