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Dr Aneurin Ellis-Evans
BA MPhil DPhil Oxf


Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History, Brasenose College
Member, Faculty of Classics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History, St Anne's College


Brasenose College
Radcliffe Square



As an undergraduate I studied Ancient and Modern History at Balliol College (2005-2008). I then went on to do the Masters in Greek and Roman History at Balliol (2008-2010), where I wrote a thesis on the role of geography in Quintus Curtius Rufus' Historiae Alexandri Magni. During the MPhil, I also got the opportunity to explore the social and economic history of the Hellenistic world and to learn the disciplines of epigraphy and papyrology. For my DPhil in Ancient History at New College (2010-2013) I became interested in how to write history with geography, and ultimately I wrote a thesis about processes of regional integration on Lesbos and in the Troad. After finishing my doctorate, I was a Junior Research Fellow in Classics at The Queen's College (2013-2016), during which time I developed an interest in what the evidence of coins can tell us about regional dynamics.

Research Keywords:

Greek history, 800 BC - AD 300; historical geography; literature and politics in the post-classical polis, Greek numismatics

Research Interests:

My research interests currently fall into three categories. Firstly, I am in the final stages of revising my PhD thesis for publication. This was a regional history of Lesbos and the the Troad from the 5th c. BC – 1st c. AD which explored the political, cultural, and social history of regional integration. Secondly, a related project which has come out of my PhD research involves reconstructing the monetary history of this region through a study of all the coinage produced at mints in this area from the 6th – 1st c. BC. Finally, the next big project which I have begun to work on is a social and cultural history of literary production in the Greek city-states of the Hellenistic period.

Selected Publications:

'The history and coinage of Achaiion in the Troad', Revue des Études Anciennes, Vol: 119.1, (forthcoming 2017).

'Four attitudes to decline in Hellenistic history', in Decline and Decline Narratives in the Greek and Roman World, T. Minamikawa (ed.), (forthcoming).

(with Peter van Alfen) 'Preliminary observations on the archaic silver coinage of Lampsakos in its regional context', in Proceedings of the Second International Congress on the History of Money and Numismatics in the Mediterranean World, 5-8 January 2017, Antalya, (forthcoming).

'Mytilene, Lampsakos, Chios and the financing of the Spartan fleet (406-404)', Numismatic Chronicle, Vol: 176, (2016), 1-19.

'The koinon of Athena Ilias and its coinage', American Journal of Numismatics, Vol: 28, (2016), 105-58.

'The ideology of public subscriptions', in Epigraphical Approaches to the Post–Classical Polis: 4th Century BC to 2nd Century AD, P. Martzavou and N. Papazarkadas (eds.), (Oxford 2012), 107-21.

'The Tyrants Dossier from Eresos', Chiron, Vol: 42, (2012), 181-210.

'A Cypriot curser at Mytilene', Co-author: A. Dale, ZPE, Vol: 179, (2011), 189-98.