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Ancient and Modern History

This Oxford course offers an extraordinary range of choices (more than 90 options), reflecting the breadth of interests of those who teach here.

This course enables students to study history from the Bronze Age Mediterranean and Near East, through the Roman Empire, middle ages, and early modern period, right up to British, European and world history in the present day. Fruitful comparisons between societies abound, and the methods by which we study them are mutually illuminating.

1st year courses

Four courses are taken:

  • One period of either Greek or Roman history
  • One of the periods of General (non-British) history offered by the History Faculty
  • The world of Homer and Hesiod; or Augustan Rome; or one of the History optional subjects
  • A text-based paper on Herodotus; or Sallust; or Approaches to history; or Historiography: Tacitus to Weber, from the History syllabus or Greek/Latin language paper

2nd and 3rd year courses

Six courses are taken:

  • A period of Greek or Roman history
  • A period of General history or one of the periods of the history of the British Isles
  • Further subjects including work on primary sources, textual or archaeological
  • A choice of further subjects from the History syllabus; or an ancient further subject, including: Athenian democracy in the classical age; Politics, society and culture from Nero to Hadrian; Religions in the Greek and Roman world 31 BC–AD 312; The Greeks and the Mediterranean world 950–500 BC; Art under the Roman Empire AD 14–337
  • Special subjects* (including work on primary sources, textual or archaeological). A choice of special subjects from the History syllabus; or an ancient special subject, including: Alexander the Great and his early successors; Cicero: politics and thought in the late Republic *Either the further or the special subject must be ancient (they can both be ancient, if you wish)
  • Disciplines of history
  • Thesis
  • Optional Greek/Latin language paper

UCAS Course Code: V118
Course length: 3 years.
Course requirements: none, although History is recommended.