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Course Structure: Preliminary Examinations (Prelims)

The following provides an example of courses typically available. It cannot be guaranteed that university lectures or classes or college teaching will be offered in all subjects in every academic year. See the exam regulations for valid combinations of papers.

For details of modern history options please see the Faculty of History website.

FOUR papers must be offered:

Paper 1: A period of General History

A choice of four options is available:
370–900: The Transformation of the Ancient World
1000–1300: Medieval Christendom and its Neighbours
1400–1650: Renaissance, Recovery and Reform
1815–1914: Society, Nation and Empire

Paper 2: A period of Greek or Roman History

Choose from:
Greek History c. 650–479 BC : The Archaic World
Roman History, 241-146 BC : Rome and the Mediterranean

Paper 3: One Optional Subject

One of the optional subjects specified for the Preliminary Examination in History, including two Ancient History Options on The World of Homer and Hesiod or Augustan Rome.

Please note that the Ancient History Optional Subjects have “gobbets” (i.e. passages from primary sources for comment), whereas Modern History Optional Subjects do not.

Optional Subjects 2011-12
Theories of the State (Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau, Marx).
The Age of Bede c.660-c.740.
Early Gothic France c.1100-c.1150.
Conquest and Frontiers: England and the Celtic Peoples 1150-1220.
English Chivalry and the French War c.1330-1400
Crime and Punishment in England, c.1280-c.1450
Nature and Art in the Renaissance.
Witch-craft and witch-hunting in early modern Europe.
Conquest and Colonization: Spain and America in the Sixteenth Century.
Revolution and Empire in France 1789-1815.
Women, Gender and the Nation: Britain, 1789-1825.
The Romance of the People: The Folk Revival from 1760 to 1914.
The American Empire 1823-1904.
The Rise and Crises of European Socialisms: 1881 – 1921.
Radicalism in Britain 1965-1975
The World of Homer and Hesiod, as specified for Preliminary Examination in Ancient and Modern History.
Augustan Rome, as specified for Preliminary Examination in Ancient and Modern History.

Paper 4: One of the following papers:

Approaches to History (as for History)
Historiography: Tacitus to Weber (as for History)
Herodotus (with selections to be read in Greek) (as for History)
Sallust, Jugurtha (to be read in Latin)
Beginning Ancient Greek
Beginning Latin
Intermediate Ancient Greek
Intermediate Latin