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Dr Almut Fries
Staatsexamen Göttingen, DPhil Oxf


Member, Faculty of Classics
Lecturer in Classics, The Queen's College


The Queen's College


Dr Almut Fries

Research Keywords:

Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry; Language; Metre; Textual Criticism and Transmission; History of Classical Scholarship; Indo-European and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Research Interests:

My research centres on archaic and classical Greek poetry, especially in the fields of artistic expression (language, style, metre) and literary history in the widest sense. My first book, an edition with introduction and commentary of the pseudo-Euripidean Rhesus, was published by De Gruyter in 2014. Since then I have ventured into Byzantine scholarship on Greek drama and Pindar and into Indo-European comparative poetics (papers and articles in preparation). I am also working on an edition with introduction and commentary of Pindar's First Pythian Ode, which combines literary appreciation of the poem with a detailed study of its historical context.

Selected Publications:

'Evidence from Rhesus for the Text of Homer and Drama', Philologus, Vol: 160.1, (forthcoming 2016).

'Demetrius Triclinius and Responsion between Non-consecutive Strophes in Greek Drama', GRBS, Vol: 55, (2015), 536-57.

Pseudo-Euripides, 'Rhesus': Edited with Introduction and Commentary, (Berlin-Boston 2014).

'The Poetic Technique of [Euripides]: The Case of Rhesus 118', CQ, Vol: n.s. 60, (2010), 345-51.