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About Us

Classics is the wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary study of the languages, literature, history, society, culture, and archaeology of the civilisations of ancient Greece, Rome, and the wider Mediterranean world. From ancient Greek epic poetry to Roman wall-paintings, Persian kings to Latin love poets, and Egyptian art and architecture to Alexander the Great, it offers the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subject matter and is a proven route to success and achievement with a high level of employability. It provides students with a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary set of transferrable skills, such as critical analysis and independent thought, that are highly sought-after in the workplace.

The Outreach Programme at the Faculty of Classics is comprised of a variety of events and collaborative projects which aim to increase access to and participation in Classics. We seek to inspire all students to engage with and enjoy this vibrant, stimulating, and rewarding subject.

The Programme also aims to generally support the teaching and study of Classics in schools at all levels: from KS2 to A-level we offer various curriculum enrichment opportunities.

We have one full time member of staff, the Outreach Officer, who is the first point of contact for any outreach and academic enrichment enquiries. The Outreach Programme is also supported by approximately 60 members of academic staff, 250 postgraduates and a wealth of resources to provide talks and workshops. We have a dedicated Outreach room in the Ioannou Centre for outreach events, plus access to the University museums.