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Dr Richard Ashdowne
University College
Historical Linguistics, Comparative Philology, History of Latin and Romance Languages, Forms of Address

Dr Peter Barber
Wolfson College
Indo-European Philology; History of the Greek Language

Dr Lisa Bendall
Institute of Archaeology
Tel No: (01865) 278244
Aegean Prehistory; Linear B and other Bronze Age Aegean Scripts; anthropological approaches to Mycenaean religion, festivals and banqueting; archives, ancient and modern; history of decipherment; economic history.

Dr Wolfgang de Melo
The Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Tel No: (01865) 610224
Latin synchronic and diachronic linguistics, Plautus, Varro, morphology, syntax, metre, Indo-European philology, textual criticism

Dr Alex Mullen
All Souls College
Historical Sociolinguistics; Bi- and Multi-lingualism; Archaeology; Epigraphy; Gaul and Britain (600BC to AD 400)

Prof Philomen Probert
Wolfson College
Tel No: (01865) 270765
Greek, Latin, and Anatolian languages and literatures; history of linguistics; Greek and Latin grammarians; Indo-European historical and comparative linguistics; linguistic theory; historical prosody; diachronic syntax.

Dr Evert van Emde Boas
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 86725
Greek literature (especially Homer and tragedy), application of modern linguistics to ancient texts, cognitive approaches to classics

Prof. Andreas Willi
Worcester College
Tel No: (01865) 288318
Ancient Greek sociolinguistics and dialectology; language and linguistic culture in the ancient world; comparative grammar and etymology of Greek, Latin and Indo-European