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(*= Permanent Professors and Associate Professors)

Dr Rebecca Armstrong
St Hilda's College
Tel No: (01865) 276855
Latin poetry, especially Vergil, Ovid and Catullus

Prof. Rhiannon Ash
Merton College
Tel No: (01865) 286302
Tacitus, Roman Historiography, Editor of Classical Quarterly

Dr Armand J. D'Angour
Jesus College
Tel No: (01865) 279731
Greek and Latin Literature; Greek social and cultural history; metre, music, and versification

Mr John S.C. Eidinow
St Benet's Hall
Tel No: (01865) 286341
Latin Poetry of the Augustan Period, especially Horace

Dr Peta Fowler
Worcester College
Tel No: (01865) 278363
Latin Poetry, Lucretius, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Lucan, Seneca, Ancient Literary Criticism

Dr Tristan Franklinos
Trinity College
[Vergil]'s Catalepton, Propertius, Ovid, Textual Criticism, Palaeography, the History of the Book

Prof. Stephen J. Harrison
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276762
Augustan Poetry, Ancient Novel, esp. Apuleius, Classical Reception (especially 19C and 20C UK).

Prof. Stephen Heyworth
Wadham College
Tel No: (01865) 277945
Latin Poetry, Propertius, Ovid, Textual Criticism

Prof. Gregory O. Hutchinson
Christ Church
Tel No: (01865) 276192
Greek Lyric, Greek Tragedy, Hellenistic Poetry, Cicero, Latin Elegy, Silver Latin, Imperial Greek prose, Epistolography, Prose-rhythm, Ancient poetry-books, interaction of Greek and Latin literature.

Dr Helen Kaufmann
Lady Margaret Hall
Tel No: (01865) 274308
Roman late antiquity, Latin poetry, reception, pedagogy

Prof. Matthew Leigh
St Anne's College
Tel No: (01865) 274845
Lucan, Latin Poetry, Livy, New Comedy

Dr Llewelyn Morgan
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277890
Latin Literature, Virgil

Prof. Catherine Morgan
All Souls College
Tel No: (01865) 611920
Greek Archaeology, Greek History, Mediterranean Studies, Ionian Islands

Mr James Morwood
Wadham College
Elementary Language Teaching, Drama (esp. Euripides), Virgil, Catullus

Prof. Tobias Reinhardt
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276704
Latin literature, ancient philosophy, Latin textual criticism.

Dr Matthew Robinson
Balliol College
Tel No: (01865) 277777
Augustan Poetry, Ovid

Prof. Richard B. Rutherford
Christ Church
Tel No: (01865) 276234
Homer, Fifth-Century Literature, Rhetoric, Historiography

Dr Andrew James Sillett
St Anne's College
Tel No: (01865) 274845
Latin Literature, especially Cicero; Roman History, especially Cicero; Ancient Philosophy, especially Cicero.

Dr Barnaby Taylor
Exeter College
Latin literature, Latin style, Epicureanism, ancient grammar

Dr Gail Trimble
Trinity College
Tel No: (01865) 279854
Latin poetry, especially Catullus; Literary form, especially metalepsis; pastoral