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(*= Permanent Professors and Associate Professors)

Dr Rebecca Armstrong
St Hilda's College
Tel No: (01865) 276855
Latin poetry, especially Vergil, Ovid and Catullus

Prof. Rhiannon Ash
Merton College
Tel No: (01865) 286302
Tacitus, Roman Historiography, Editor of Classical Quarterly

Dr Armand J. D'Angour
Jesus College
Tel No: (01865) 279731
Greek and Latin Literature; Greek social and cultural history; metre, music, and versification

Mr John S.C. Eidinow
St Benet's Hall
Tel No: (01865) 286341
Latin Poetry of the Augustan Period, especially Horace

Dr Peta Fowler
Worcester College
Tel No: (01865) 278363
Latin Poetry, Lucretius, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Lucan, Seneca, Ancient Literary Criticism

Dr Tristan Franklinos
Trinity College
Propertius, Ovid, Textual Criticism, Palaeography the History of the Book

Prof. Stephen J. Harrison
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276762
Augustan Poetry, Ancient Novel, esp. Apuleius, Classical Reception (especially 19C and 20C UK).

Prof. Stephen Heyworth
Wadham College
Tel No: (01865) 277945
Latin Poetry, Propertius, Ovid, Textual Criticism

Prof. Gregory O. Hutchinson
Christ Church
Tel No: (01865) 276192
Greek Lyric, Greek Tragedy, Hellenistic Poetry, Cicero, Latin Elegy, Silver Latin, Imperial Greek prose, Epistolography, Prose-rhythm, Ancient poetry-books, interaction of Greek and Latin literature.

Dr Helen Kaufmann
Lady Margaret Hall
Tel No: (01865) 274308
Roman late antiquity, Latin poetry, reception, pedagogy

Prof. Matthew Leigh
St Anne's College
Tel No: (01865) 274845
Lucan, Latin Poetry, Livy, New Comedy

Dr Llewelyn Morgan
Brasenose College
Tel No: (01865) 277890
Latin Literature, Virgil

Dr Giuseppe Pezzini
Magdalen College
Tel No: (01865) 277631
Latin Comedy; Latin Language, Metre, and Textual Criticism; Philology and linguistics; History of Classical Scholarship

Prof. Tobias Reinhardt
Corpus Christi College
Tel No: (01865) 276704
Latin literature, ancient philosophy, Latin textual criticism.

Dr Matthew Robinson
Balliol College
Tel No: (01865) 277777
Augustan Poetry, Ovid

Prof. Richard B. Rutherford
Christ Church
Tel No: (01865) 276234
Homer, Fifth-Century Literature, Rhetoric, Historiography

Dr Andrew James Sillett
St Anne's College
Tel No: (01865) 274845
Latin Literature, especially Cicero; Roman History, especially Cicero; Ancient Philosophy, especially Cicero.

Dr Barnaby Taylor
Exeter College
Latin literature, Latin style, Epicureanism, ancient grammar

Dr Gail Trimble
Trinity College
Tel No: (01865) 279854
Latin poetry, especially Catullus; Literary form, especially metalepsis; pastoral